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Terms and conditions

T's & C's

The below terms and conditions of hire will hereafter refer to Lekker Trou Letters & Lights, as ‘the Hire Company’ any individual, company, corporation or agency or it’s designated representatives who wish to hire equipment of the Hire Company will hereafter be referred to as the ‘Client’.

Goods Hire Rental Terms and Conditions


  • The goods of the Hire Company are available on a first to pay basis. 

  • It is the responsibility of the Client to secure the Items and/or services by means of payment in full by the stipulated date.

  • Alterations to quotes/bookings must be done in writing, via email.

  • Any increase to orders will be subject to availability

Collection & Returns

  •  Goods collected and returned by the client must be collected and returned by 2 pm as per dates stipulated, or penalties  may be charged. Unless a prior arrangement has been confirmed with Lekker Trou Letters & Lights.


Safety and damage of hired goods

  •  The rented equipment remains the property of Lekker Trou Letters & Lights.

  •  The safety and security of all hired goods and associated equipment is the full responsibility of the Client from the  commencement date of hire until return to Lekker Trou Letters & Lights.

  •  The Client will be liable to pay the full replacement cost of any breakages or cost of repairs to damaged hire  equipment  goods that occur during the hire period.

  •  Any missing / broken goods will be charged for at full replacement cost / repair cost.

Security deposit

  • Although a security deposit is charged, kindly note that this amount is not calculated at replacement value.


Transportation & Setup

  • Please note that Lekker Trou Letters & Lights offers additional services including transport of lighting, setup and collection when hiring out any of our products on offer.

  • The Hire Company is not responsible for the set up of the equipment, unless otherwise agreed.

  • If the Client requests that the Hire Company transports hire equipment to or from the Hire Company's premises the Client shall pay the Hire Company all charges and expenses pertaining to this delivery of hire equipment/services as per the quote.

  • If the Client requires our services to set-up, install and dismantling the hired equipment, the fee will vary based on quantity of hire equipment required and installation time.

  • Clients using a courier company are subject to accepting that goods leave Lekker Trou Letters & Lights' premises in good condition. The manner in which goods arrive at the clients’ premises or venue is not the responsibility of Lekker Trou Letters & Lights.

  • Clients using a courier company to return goods are subject to Lekker Trou Letters & Lights verifying the condition of the goods. 

  • Clients will be held liable for any damages or losses occurred during their own transportation and or that of a courier company.


  •  Once a payment has been received, items cancelled up to 2 weeks before the hire date will be charged 100% of the hire  charge.

  •  No cancellation by the Client will be acknowledged or valid unless it is received in writing & acknowledged by the Hire  Company.

Inclement Weather

  • The Client acknowledges that the Hire Company is in no way responsible for the inclement weather which can affect the outcome of an event and further more agrees that all equipment and services hired for an event will be paid for in full even in the circumstance of a cancelled event due to inclement weather.


Hire Period


  • The hire period can be extended if agreed upon in advance but will incur a fee of 50% of your order per day. If no arrangements are made in advance of hiring and items are returned late, 50% hire fee will be charged for each day that the items are late.

  • Weekend hire:    Collection Friday after 12:00 pm and return on Monday before 12:00.

  • Weekday hire:    Collection Monday after 12:00 and return before Wednesday 12:00                              

  • Collection Tuesday after 12:00 and return before Thursday 12:00                    

  • Collection Wednesday after 12:00 and return before Friday 12:00

  • Collection Thursday after 12:00 and return before Saturday 12:00



  • Lekker Trou Letters & Lights will accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused to person or product as a result of this hire arrangement, unless negligence on the part of us can be shown. 

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