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Wooden gazebo
Gazebo hire Cape Town
Cr8tive_Duo_Nina and Reinhardt_Wedding_L
fairy light tunnel lanzerac
  Dimensions: 3 m (L) x 3 m (W) x 2.4 m (H)
                    Price to hire: R 800.00
                 White Doughnut Stand
doughnut stand hire Cape Town
                        Price to hire : R 700.00
Double white wooden doors in frame
Outdoor wedding doors Cape town
Dimensions : Door Frame = 2.13 (H) x 170 (W)
Price to hire : R 700

White steel chuppah

chuppah to hire Cape Town
chuppah hire Cape Town
Dimensions : 2.4 m (L) x 2.4 m (W) x 2.1 m (H)
                      or 4 m (L) x 2.4 m (W) x 2.1 m (H)
Price to hire : R 600

Vintage Bird Cages

Vintage birdcage for wedding decor

Simply add flowers, a candle or lights to these vintage bird cages


Price to hire:

R 30 each 

Square wooden flower box

Wooden flower box wedding decor cap town

Silver wooden flower box


20cm x 20cm

Price to hire: R 20 per flower box 

Wooden flower box

Flower boxes for weddings to rent Cap Town

Rectangular flower

boxes  are available in natural wood


40cm x 15cm

Price to hire : R 25 each

Green backdrop

Photo backdrop to hire Cape Town

Dimensions: 1.8m(H) x 1.2m(W) Price to hire : R 500.00

Dimensions: 1.8m(H) x 1.8m(W)

Price to hire: R700.00

Silver wooden money deposit box with lock

Money box for weddings to rent Cap Town

Lockable gift deposit box

Price to hire : R 180 each

Steel Sphere

Steel Sphere hire Cape Town

Large : Diameter = 46 cm

Medium : Diameter = 28 cm

Price to hire : R100 each

Steel heart with crystals

hearts to hire cape town

Price to hire : R 40.00 each

White steel heart

steel heart wedding decor cap town

Price to hire : R15 per steel heart

Rose Gold Geometric Shape

Rose Gold Geometric Shape Cape Town

Rose Gold Geometric Metal Shape

              Price to hire: R 20  

        Chinese Lanterns 

chinese lanterns to rent cape town

Size                                     Price to hire          

20 cm                                  R 13.00 each

25 cm                                  R 13.00 each

30 cm                                  R 9.00 each 

35 cm                                  R 9.00 each

40 cm                                  R 10.00 each

45 cm                                  R 10.00 each

50 cm                                  R 13.00 each


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