Pendants and basket lights available to hire in Cape Town.


Complete your decor with a unique item from our selection of hanging pendants.


Available to rent in Metal, Bamboo or Rattan.  

Basket lights  and metal geometric lights look great both indoors and outdoors.

Basket lights and geometric metal lights are the perfect way to add illumination and these lights have a handmade texture to set your space apart from the ordinary, make it extraordinary!

The light from the basket and metal pendant throws very interesting patterns on nearby walls.


Wooden Pendant

Width = 42cm

Height = 37cm

Hiring fee = R 200.00

Bamboo Pendant

Length = 40cm

Height = 27cm

Hiring fee = R 200.00

Black Metal Geo Pendant 1

Width = 25cm

Height = 30cm

Hiring fee = R 100.00

Bali Rattan basket light pendant

30cm x 25cm

Hiring fee = R 200.00

Black Metal Geo Pendant 2

Width = 18cm

Height = 39cm

Hiring fee = R 100.00

Bali Rattan basket light pendant

Length: 50cm

Hiring fee = R 200.00

Rose Gold Metal Pendant 

Width = 40cm

Height = 40cm

Hiring fee = R 150.00

Rose Gold Geometric Pendant 

Hiring fee = R 20.00

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